Join Shala and Dyanna for a Full Moon Ritual the evening of June 28th - a night of exploration and connection for the Strawberry Moon.

Moments of cosmic transition are natural check points for reflection - What is serving you? What would you like to carry forward from the last month? What will be left behind?

Through the practices of journaling, speaking, sharing, tasting and visualization - we will travel to the moon. Experience an evening devoted to uncondiational love, wisdom, connection and rediscovery as we embrace the power of the Strawberry Moon.


Thursday, June 28th at Urban Asanas


Early Bird: $28

Day Of: $35


About Dyanna // Dyanna is a ritual leader and mystic, creative director and energy healer. Working with crystals, the Akashic records as well as teaching others about ceremony and rituals. She has lead several rituals around food, healing, extraction, inner child work as well as intention setting and manifestation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Book your spot at Urbanasanas