Tarot Readings

Tarot is an excellent way to gain insight and direction in any aspect of your life. I believe the cards always reveal your true inner thoughts and help you connect with your intuition. With knowledge of the cards and compassion I provide a safe space where you can receive the messages of the cards.

Looking to book a mystical experience with me? Below list all the reading sessions I offer. Each reading is 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on how many messages I receive during your session. I hold in person readings in NYC and surrounding areas. I also do reading over the phone/face-time internationally. After each reading I will give you time to ask questions and discuss your thoughts.

Interested in booking me for tarot readings at your next event? Email me at shalakonomi@sajeandluna.com for more information.

Mini-Tarot Reading $15

I am now offering Mini-Tarot Readings in the first week of every month. When you book your reading, please ask the question you're looking for answers to and I will respond with the reading by email. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself tarot reading and receive a quick check-in to help you connect to your intuition. All mini-readings are done by email only. Please allow up to 24hrs to receive your reading by email. When booking this reading time slots do not matter.


Intuitive Reading 55$

Gain insight about any aspect of your life. During this session we will dive deeper to your unconscious and conscious self. Whether your going through something or not this is the perfect reading to help you connect to your intuition and step into your purpose.

XOXO Reading 70$

In this reading we will connect to your heart charka to learn more about the energies surrounding your love life. We will discuss your romantic relationships whether your single, in a relationship or looking to love yourself on a deeper level.

Secure the Bag 70$

Need help figuring out your finances or wondering what direction your career is going? Than this is the reading for you. This session is also great to do in the beginning of the year to lead you in the right direction.

Diving Deeper $80

In this session we dig deep into your life and shed light about the energies working for you and against you. This reading is designed to bring you clarity and help you trust your intuition.

HBD $100

This reading is perfect on your birthday or near your birthday. In this session we will discuss the lessons you’ve learned from the past and whats to come for the year ahead.